It’s a Cold, Cold Day

Cold DayCold days remind me of my old music friends Angela and Crystal, late nights strumming guitars and drinking whiskey by the fire. We recorded an album a couple of years ago, including Angela’s song “Cold Day,” which inspired this drink. You can purchase that album here, by the way.

This cocktail is dedicated to Angela and Crystal and to the whole frozen East Coast.

  • 2 oz Bulleit Rye
  • 1/2 oz Carpano Antica Formula
  • 1/2 oz Zucca amaro
  • Laphroaig rinse
  • Lemon twist

Fill a coupe glass with ice and add about a half ounce of the Laphroaig scotch. Add the other ingredients to a mixing glass and stir. Swirl the scotch and ice around in the coupe a few times and then throw the scotch and ice down the drain. Strain the ingredients from the mixing glass into the coupe. Add the lemon twist.

Enjoy while cuddled under an electric blanket with a loved one.

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